Adolescent Counseling

During adolescence, the brain goes through a growth spurt, second only to the terrible twos! Even under the best of circumstances, it’s difficult for most teenagers to integrate their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, at this stage of development. That said, however, I have the deepest respect for the young people I have worked with, who often demonstrate an enormous amount of courage, creativity, and insight, in response to the life challenges that they face.

Adolescents are in between worlds, striving to make very big decisions that can permanently affect their future, and also longing for the understanding and support that their development still requires. In my work with youth, I attempt to address these two conflicting aspects of who they are in a way that recognizes and respects their individuality. I honor their privacy, while also facilitating better communication between them and their parents.

Some adolescents ask for help, many do not. Parents often seek out therapy for their teens, due to concerns about behaviors their teens are engaging in that put them at risk. If you, as a parent, are worried, even if your adolescent is not, I will gladly talk to you about treatment options.