For information regarding my professional training and work experience, I encourage you to download my resume

In addition to my professional history, I would like to share a few things that you might want to know about me as a person.

So far I have lived a rich and varied life,  one in which I have used all of my life experiences, including unfortunate events, to learn and to grow in self-awareness and to examine assumptions and beliefs that were no longer helpful to me.   Adopting an attitude of curiosity as an approach to my own life has allowed me to see the many facets and complexities that most human beings experience as they move through various experiences and life stages. I apply this same curiosity to my therapeutic work with others, and help them recognize social/emotional challenges as opportunities to delve deeper into what it means to be a human being.

I believe that professional integrity and personal integrity are one and the same, therefore, I strive to be ethical and authentic in all of my interactions with other  people, regardless of the context I’m in.  I adhere to the code of ethics for my profession.

I do my best to “walk my talk” by devoting time in my own life to various self-care practices and to living a healthy lifestyle that includes positive relationships with family and friends, other animals, and the earth as a whole.  I also devote time to fostering cultural change in order to make the world a kinder and more welcoming place for all.

I greatly value diversity in the world and I welcome opportunities to work with people from all ethnic  and cultural backgrounds,  gender identities and sexual orientations.